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Broward County wasn’t always what it is today and wasn’t anything close to an urbanized land back then. It was merely an unsettled swamp that was considered unfit to human habitation. Napoleon Bonaparte in the 1900s woke with a new idea, and he decided to dry out the muck, and convert the land into a prosperous one that had all the facilities, such as railways, schools, hospitals, roads and so on, including providing the perfect environment for agricultural development.

While draining out the land and making a county out of it sounds somewhat of a great feat, the flip side of the coin portrays another story that came in the form of a series of natural disasters.

An empire that went against Nature:

Not all that shines is gold, and not all that appears to be bland is ugly. When swamps were dried, the room it provided for agricultural, residential and industrial development was massive. However, the pros of swamps were undermined when the campaign to drain them began. Swamps are known for absorbing excess water during heavy rains, and in turn, protect the land from flooding. As the swamps were drained, the water had nowhere to go, and thereafter when heavy rain hit the county, it almost always meant that a flood was about to knock down the place.

For instance, Hurricane Andrew of 1992 shook the county as much as Great South Florida Flood did. The losses have been massive during such events. While not much can be done in terms of preventing such natural disasters, there’s a lot that can be done to protect the county from facing such humungous losses. And that’s where help from United Garage Doors arrives.

24/7 disaster mitigation expert:

Disasters have been commonplace to the Broward County’s community. We know its ramifications, which is why we’re here to help you out. When a natural disaster hits home, calling United Garage Doors for immediate restoration services has now become a norm. Once we receive the call on 480-527-0852, we dispatch our fully loaded trucks with the right equipment to resolve the situation at hand.

On time arrival, timely resolutions:

Time and tide waits for none, and floods don’t wait for anything either. When a flood hits your space, the water seeps into objects and destroy the property unimaginably. This is exactly why you shouldn’t ever delay seeking help when a disaster strikes. United Garage Doors understands the essence of time which is why it focuses on mitigating damage as soon as it occurs. Whether its fire breakout out or a highly destructive storm, when our team is by your side to provide restoration services, you needn’t worry about a thing!

We arrive within 30 minutes, no matter where you live in the following cities:


Some of the solutions we provide include:

United Garage Doors Mesa, AZ 480-527-0852

  • Extraction and drying out of water
  • Biohazard elimination
  • Complete clean up services
  • Fixing and detecting hidden leaks
  • Excessive mold concentration identification
  • Damaged items restoration
  • Addressing fire and smoke damage
  • Discarding burnt items
  • Damaged property reconstruction
  • Remodeling solutions

Are you a resident of the Broward County? Call us on 480-527-0852 to avail our restoration services!